-PRE ORDER- 12x12 "Coral Mountains" Paint by Number

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-PRE ORDER- 12x12 "Coral Mountains" Paint by Number


These are PRE ORDER KITS! The production time will be 2-4 WEEKS until they ship. That means you order could take up to 3 weeks from order to your door.

These kits were put together with you guys in mind! I wanted to make a product that you could make yourself, something that turns out beautifully but is so much fun to create. These could be the perfect thing for a group paint and wine night or an amazing way to unwind and relax.

Kit includes:

  • 12 hand mixed artist acrylic paint pots

  • Two synthetic bristle acrylic paint brushes

  • 12x12 pre-drawn canvas

  • Key

  • Set of instructions

These kits are intended to be fun, a way to relax and learn a new skill. Obviously the results will vary because they’re a hand created by you! Enjoy the process.

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